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By helping in these ways, you are helping to restore the freedom given to us by God and guaranteed to us by the US and Michigan Constitutions. #ThankYou #RestoreFreedom


Social Media/Other Contacts

Stay in touch!  To account for big tech censorship, project changes and volunteer changes, we updated our contact info.  If you have an old phone number or email for us, or were following us on social media not listed here, please update your records so we can stay in touch!


Legal / Constitutional Advice, Representation & Answers

*Disclaimer*  No attorney/client relationship exists with Katherine Henry until a written agreement for legal services is signed by Katherine and the client.

Katherine is currently not taking any new cases while she continues to work on the Constitutional issues affecting our state as a whole, as well as working on the appeals for the Election Day case.

Please keep checking the Updates tab, Resources tab, and sign up for our Newsletter to see announcements and information on legal and constitutional issues.  Subscribe to our blog, our Rumble channel, and our YouTube channel for additional resources.

Also, please keep in mind that Katherine has no attorneys to whom she can refer you.  As she finds attorneys she can refer, she will post them to this website.
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